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Health & Beauty Benefits: Pumpkin Edition

by Komal Patel
Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Back at it with an all new edition of “Health Benefits Of”…and yes…you guessed it, it’s all about PUMPKIN.

Talk about seasonality, right? Ok, so you guys know that I am not into the pumpkin craze at all. LIKE REALLY not at all, however, I know it is a fall fave for zillions of people, so I have to give the people what they want, right?

(Just not pumpkin butter or pumpkin treats for dogs. That’s too far. Just STOP)

So let’s just jump in and start talking about REAL pumpkins and not that artificial flavored shit, because pumpkins are actually one of the healthier fall food items and is considered a superfood. You can use them for much more than carving Jack ‘O Lanterns.

First, let’s start with the seeds.

Health & Beauty Benefits of Pumpkins:

Rich in Magnesium

Pumpkin seeds are super high in magnesium and contain half the recommended daily intake in about a quarter cup. Get to roasting those pepitas and eat up! They make the perfect snack.

Helps You Sleep Better

Since the pumpkin seeds are rich in tryptophan (you know, that acid that’s in turkey and makes you pass out at Thanksgiving), it helps to relax the body and get you that crave worthy good night sleep.

Reduces Asthma Attacks

The orange babies are PACKED with antioxidants which help protect the respiratory system from infections, including asthma attacks.

Keeps You Fuller, Longer

Pumpkin seeds and mash are V rich in fiber which helps keep your appetite low and your belly FULL.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Pumpkin seed oil is full of phytoestrogens, which research shows are beneficial for preventing hypertension.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin_opt


With a high source of Vitamin C and beta-carotene, pumpkins can help reverse damage caused by UV’s to help improve all around skin texture.

Gets You that Long Hair

Overflowing with Potassium and Zinc, pumpkins help keep hair healthy which helps improve growth and stimulation. With the addition of Vitamin B which improves blood circulation to the scalp.

Treats Acne

Vitamin B is popping back up again! The increase in circulation helps to improve cell turnover which creates renewed (and beautiful) skin!

Moisturizes Your Skin

Pumpkin extract contains proteases, a type of enzyme that helps dissolve protein, which is helpful to exfoliate the skin.

Erases Dark Spots/Blemishes:

Pumpkin is high in vitamin B3 which is great for soothing dry skin and inhibits the transfer of pigment to skin cells, minimizing dark spots.

Told ya these fall delights are for more than just eating and decorating with!

To get rid of those dark spots, try my quick treatment (above) with leftover pumpkin. # or tag @sweetandmasala on Instagram with your pics of the mask to be featured!



Sweet and Masala

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Arianne Chavasse October 20, 2017 - 1:33 pm

I love pumpkin,can’t wait to taste some pumpkin pie and PSL 🙂


Emily October 20, 2017 - 2:24 pm

This is awesome! I had no idea how many healthy benefits there were!

Jana October 20, 2017 - 3:51 pm

I can’t believe pumpkin has so many health and beauty benefits! WOW! xo Jana | http://www.janastyleblog.com

Jess October 20, 2017 - 4:07 pm

I had no idea Pumpkin was so good for you. I guess I need to eat some more of it 🙂
I hope you have a great weekend!

Vanessa Moore October 20, 2017 - 7:02 pm

I’m so making a pumpkin face mask soon!

Vanessa | http://www.vanessarenae.com

Nancy October 21, 2017 - 7:41 pm

Pumpkins are amazing! Not only do they make wonderful decor but they’re so yummy! I like to add canned pumkin puree and pumpkin spice into my oatmeal during this time of year 🙂
Thanks for sharing!

Rachel October 22, 2017 - 4:46 pm

I already loved pumpkin, but had no idea it had so many health benefits! Now I’ll never feel guilty about ordering a PSL at Starbucks. 😉

xo Rachel | http://www.thesassroom.com


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