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Welcome to Sweet & Masālā a blog dedicated to food + lifestyle.

At Sweet & Masālā we create delectable Indian and other worldly dishes. 

About Our Creator: 

Komal was born and raised in Cambridge, England into a Gujarati family, where food was alway a constant. As a young girl she moved to America where she was exposed to a new world of flavors. Over the years she has traveled all over the world to places including, India, Australia, France and Spain, trying many varieties of food which have helped shape her flavor profiles today. She comes from a background of strong home cooks who helped hone her skill in the kitchen and kept her tastebuds sharp.

First I'm sweet <3...

First I’m sweet <3…

Sweet /swēt/

Adjective:  1. Having the pleasant taste characteristic of sugar or honey; not salty, sour, or bitter 2. Pleasing in general; delightful.

Noun:  1. A small shaped piece of confectionery made with sugar 2. Used as an affectionate form of address to a person.


… and then I’m Masālēdāra

Masālā /məˈsälə/ મસાલા

Adjective: 1. Spicy (Masālēdāra)

Noun: 1. Any of a number of spice mixtures ground into a paste or powder for use in (Indian) cooking.

So now that you know what’s sweet and whats masālā, what side do you choose? 

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