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Keep That Bod While Stuffing Your Face

by Komal Patel
Keep That Bod While Stuffing Your Face

Hello from London!

Current situation: just landed in London for my cousins wedding in Oxford then off to Italy on Monday!

This Italy trip is a serious dream come true for me!
When I moved to Boston I worked at an amazing Italian restaurant, Terra, inside of Eataly and I was exposed to all things Italian!

I immediately became obsessed with the food, wine and culture. I found myself fitting into the Italian way of life quite nicely, so yes, to go there and live what I have seen only as an outsider will be amazing!

I will be in Italy starting on Monday for the next few weeks and I cannot wait to fill you in with all of my travelling delights.

A little background info for ya:

I wanted to be in shape for this trip. I feel like every time people have vacations planned they also have some time of diet or gym routine they are sticking to, making sure that they look like total babes for the upcoming vaycay.

I am no exception.

Not going to lie. It has been a struggle. I have just got really lazy over the last few months and haven’t been working out as much.

The last 2 weeks I have been trying to hit the gym every day and have been watching what I have been eating in order to fit into my new vacation clothes!

I am usually pretty good about eating right, but I love carbs! We all know how carbs can go! Did I mention that everything I want to eat in Italy has carbs? Aka. Pasta, pizza, risotto….gahhhhh….

I have to make sure that I am keeping my body in shape or I am sure to pack a few pounds on while in Italy.

I am not the type to deprive myself, especially for new experiences.

Like, I have to get that extra slice of pizza and one more glass of Prosecco. I mean, I don’t want to be rude…

Ok, so maybe I am being slightly over indulgent, but again. On vacation. There is no room to half-ass this holiday.

I have kept a mental list to be prepared for the 2345689 meals I am going to have over the next few weeks along with a few things that are going to help keep me in check, while letting me do whatever I want still!

Make Smart Swaps:

Maybe instead of getting starch white potatoes with a dish you opt for sweet potatoes instead. They are better for you and still give you the sense that you had a potatoes. You don’t have to cut out everything you love, just opt for a smarter, healthier alternative to what you were going to eat.

If you are having trouble figuring out what improved substitutes that are out there, download the Food Switch app which will help you make an informed choice on what you will be consuming next,

Stay Hydrated:

The most direct way to help increase weight loss and burn calories is to drink ice cold water.

“The body must first warm (or cool) fluids that enter the body to 98.6°F (body temperature) before they can be utilized. This process requires energy (calories) to either create heat (if drinking something below body temperature) or remove heat (when drinking something above body temperature). The calories required to do this are not a lot, but over time it can make a big difference.

You may know that you need to drink water when you exercise but do you know why? Lean muscle in the human body is made up of around 80% water and it needs that water to function properly. When you start to become dehydrated your muscle tissue starts to lose water and it makes it harder for that muscle to contract effectively, reducing your strength and endurance.

You should look at proper hydration (especially combined with working out) as the world’s most effective, least expensive, and virtually side effect free weight loss supplement.”

Also, when you drink water before you eat a meal it will help get you to that full feeling more rapidly.

Plus. Water just tastes so damn refreshing!

Check out my Hydroflask that I just bought! It keeps my water ice cold for 24 hours! Stay Hydrated While On Vacation

Opt for Stairs:

Leave the elevators behind and get to climbing! What a great calorie-burner and bootay builder!

I often choose to take the stairs instead of an elevator. Most places in Europe have very small, narrow elevators, if any!

Stop being lazy and walk a few flights. I promise, you may be a little out of breath, but it will feel SO fucking good once you get to the top.

Walk Everywhere:

You are in a new country! Why taxi around? Take a stroll through the neighborhood you are staying in. Do a walking tour! Check out your surroundings on foot.

This is my favorite thing to do while vacationing. It is the BEST way to meet locals and like-minded tourists. You can get the skinny on the best places to eat and shop through the native’s eyes.

Stay in shape when on vacation

PLUS, how can you find that “hole in the wall” when you are in a car? You just can’t.

I love walking around and stumbling onto something new. I feel like an explorer discovering unchartered territory. It’s cool and fun to feel like you are part of a little secret that the town/city you are visiting is hiding.

For comfy and cute shoes check out my sassy new Toms 

Break Free from the Norm: 

Instead of hitting up the hotel pool (which is of course, always fun) trying something new! Maybe pack a picnic and ask the concierge to point you in the direction of the nearest mountain or trail that you can explore.

You can make it an active discovery. Take a hike, or go kayaking. Maybe even rent a bike.

ALL of these things are helping you burn calories, stay in shape AND enjoy your vacation.

HELLO. Win win.


Now, if none of the above things don’t sound appealing, maybe just try to maintain.

Find a gym close by, or do workouts that you know you can do without much effort.

Take a run around the hotel, body weight exercise in the hotel room. Sit-ups, push-ups, squats. All of these (plus a shit ton more) can be done in your hotel room, for a quick 10 minute workout.

 Remember: Doing something is a whole lot better than doing nothing at all. And don’t forget to have fun! 

Well I’m off to hit the next wedding event.

Talk to you soon!



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