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My Big Fat Indian Wedding Part 7: The Aftermath

by Komal Patel
My Big Fat Indian Wedding Part 7 The Aftermath


This is the 7th and last installment of my wedding week series (I’ll have a few more supplemental posts really DIGGING into all the small details).

Once the weekend ended J and I were SPENT.

We barely got any sleep the night of the wedding, partying with our family and friends until 4am.

Someone (me. womp) had the bright idea of hosting a farewell breakfast the morning after the wedding.

We had bridal suite (which we never made it to!) the day/night of the wedding where we were getting ready at. J and I’s plan was to leave the after party early and head back to our suite…which never happened.

Instead, the next day, I woke up hungover, early AF to go clean up all my shit from the bridal suite, get ready for check out AND get ready to host a farewell breakfast.


My voice was completely shot from singing and wailing at the top of my lungs all night & I ended up having to whisper for the next few days.

Since Justin had a tight turn around for work (he was still in his internship phase at the hospital he works at), we only had a day to decompress (we are planning a S.E. Asia honeymoon at the end of the year).

We dropped off rental cars, family, friends. Organized our gifts, saved florals and took leftover desserts.

Basically, we did a bunch of bitch work the next day.

Once we got home we ordered a years’ worth of Chinese food, netflixed and chilled and put on our pj’s.


Looking back at it all, the aftermath of the wedding was a reflection period. Although we were still running around, Justin and I looked at each other on the drive home and kind of just smiled.

 We were married. FINALLY.

It’s been so awesome sharing our wedding journey with you. Over the next few weeks I am going to do a post dedicated SOLELY to my vendors. I could not have put on this wedding without them…OH and my parents! They were SO INSTRUMENTAL to our day.

Love you guys,



Sweet and Masala

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