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2020 The Y E A R For Cannabis

by Komal Patel
2020 The Year For Cannabis

2020 is the year for cannabis! More and more people are using it as a wellness tool and not just a recreational drug. It’s time to end the stigma!

You guys have heard me say on IG a BUNCH of times how I want to be a “cannabis sommelier.”

& guess what? IT’S ALL HAPPENING.

A few months ago, I enrolled in a Level 1 Certification course to become an Interperner.

Interperning is “the science of evaluating cannabis flower to determine quality, variety type designation, and psychotropic effects, through physical and aromatic inspection.” – The Trichome Institute

As the US begins to break down its barriers on cannabis culture, my goal is to be at the forefront of this and hopefully be a leader on the east coast in this industry.

Breaking down cannabis the way wine is broken down is extremely important for future regulation in the country.

As many of you know there have been issues with the vaping part of this industry. Due to low regulation carcinogens were added to these pens that ended up killing people. A lot of the dispensary’s can’t be sure where the weed is coming from and how its grown.

For example; the Trichome institute did a study on the Blue Dream strand. They took a strand that was confirmed as Blue Dream and compared to the same strand bought at various dispensaries. What they discovered was that all but 1 strand was not a real strand of Blue Dream. It was purely named that for marketing standards.

2020 The Year For Cannabis

Examples of the above are reasons why low regulation can be dangerous.

My goal as an interperener is to learn more about these strands; I want to know more than just what it tastes like, but what kind of high is it going to me. That’s the main crutch abut cannabis. Different levels of ingestion can alter your high and how you will react. The funny thing is, all of this can be figured out before you even ingest!!  

With the new cannabis series on Instagram, #cannabistuesdays, I will be breaking down the art and science of it ALL.

We will be discussing everything from what a terpene is, stigma over the plant and even how to roll a blunt, cook with it, and making beauty treatments!

I was always so scared to talk about this topic, but as I become more ME, its time to be unapologetic AF and do what makes you happy.

Love you all!



Sweet and Masala


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Ewuzie Kingsley January 24, 2020 - 8:45 pm

This is something outstanding and commendable, although i might not truly understand it all. But i love the study you are doing on cannabis

Lynn de Dios January 25, 2020 - 7:51 am

Good luck on your goal and I wish you all the success for being an Interperner.


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