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The Vitiligo Diaries Entry 4

by Komal
The Vitiligo Diaries

Vitiligo Diaries:

Entry 4:

A few weeks ago I hosted my very first cooking class! Things have been pretty busy since then, so I apologize for the late post.

My first cooking class consisted of 3 people and a 4 course vegan meal. This was my first time ever teaching a cooking class and I was SUPER nervous.

Sweet & Masala Cooking Class

To calm the nerves I took a shot of slightly warm Kettle One. It didn’t really take the edge off, but it did create a warming sensation in my stomach. Let me tell you, “slightly warm” kettle one is not good. I should have iced it up more. Oh well, next time.

ANYWAYS, after the warm shot and a constant glance at the clock, my class arrived and the cooking class began!

Before I get into the details let me give you a quick rundown of how my first class came to be.

Boyfriend meets Nancy at work.

Boyfriend tells Nancy about my cooking, blog and spices.

Nancy expresses interest.

My friend Jenny said she was interested in learning how to cook Indian food.

Nancy tells her daughter Ashley about the cooking class.

Nancy and Ashley tell boyfriend they would like to learn to cook.

I tell boyfriend I would love to teach.

We reach out to Nancy, Ashley and Jenny to tell them the class is a GO.

The class is born.

Now that you know how the class came to be, I will tell you how the class went…

It went so well!

We started the class with basic prep; cutting onions, garlic, ginger etc. We blanched some veggies, and then dove right into the first course, spinach and potato hamburgers.

Sweet & Masala Cooking Class

Teaching is much more difficult than it seems. Although the conversation came easy and my food knowledge was translated well, what’s hard is making sure you get all the information in. I would begin to explain one thing and then another thing would pop in my head! Organization of mind thoughts is what I need!

I did a practice dinner a few days before with my friends to create a timeline of the entire process. Although it was helpful, being in the presence of my friends made everything much more relaxed. Not to say the actual class wasn’t relaxed, but during the practice dinner I left a lot of items out in my explanations; hence the organization of mind thoughts.

Sweet & Masala Cooking Class

After the appetizer round we started one of the main courses, Kichadi with Moong Dal, then headed up to the balcony for some vino and apps.

The night was beautiful and warm and provided a stunning sunset backdrop to an amazing appetizer, drinks and conversation.

While the apps were busy getting eaten up, I let Justin stay to mingle while I checked on the first main course.

We hadn’t burned down the house yet so I took that as a good sign and had everyone join me back in the kitchen to work on the second entrée, Masālā Gobi, a lightly spiced cauliflower dish in gravy.Sweet & Masala Cooking Class

Once the entrees were done cooking, I showed the class the base of the dessert and then took them back to the balcony so they could eat the delectable food they had just made.

I was so proud of the job they did! All the food turned out well. It was spiced correctly, the portions were perfect and most of all, it felt so good knowing teaching people something new.

I am the type of person who is a forever learner. Granted, I choose what I want to learn, but knowledge, in any subject, promotes growth and brain power.

Since I graduated from college I have been looking for more things to nourish my mind. I am so thankful for cooking and the different levels of creativity it has opened me to, and the wealth of knowledge I have gained from practice and research.

What are some things you are passionate about? I encourage you to write things down and practice, practice, practice! With practice, research and heart you can make all your dreams come true.

I’ll check back in with you after our next class.

If you are in the Southern California area and would like to take my class, shoot me an email at sweetandmasala@gmail.com.  All menus can be customized to the party.

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease!



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