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My Big Fat Indian Wedding Part 8: The Vendors

by Komal Patel
My Big Fat Indian Wedding Part 8: The Vendors

I can’t believe my wedding series is over! Kinda feels like the wedding is officially over…I mean, I know it is, but now its like set in stone.


Anyways. I know I threw a lot of information at you guys over the last 7 weeks and I wanted to have a centralized spot where you could get all my vendors details. SO. Here we go. Let’s start with the biggest vendor, the VENUE!

Mountain Top Inn:

MTI is a resort located in Chittenden Vermont. It sits on 700 private acres of woods & meadow, with views of the Green Mountains and a 740 acre lake. On the property there is a main hotel lodge, private cottages and private guest homes for rent.

They have several wedding and reception locations (depending on the season), such as the barn (that Justin and I got married in and had our reception), grassy knolls, and a lake house.

The property has its own spa and salon, pool, hot tub and they even have their own floral company, Meadows Edge Design and Floral (who did all our florals for the wedding and decorations for the reception), right on site!

Their in-house culinary team also supports all food for wedding and receptions and they have partnered with a local bakery, Dorset Rising, for desserts.

Mountain Top is pretty much a one stop shop for all your wedding needs.

One of the features I really enjoyed was their on-property shuttle service. Since the property is so large they offer free shuttles to and from the lodge and the various cottages and guest houses, so you never have to worry about driving.

The lodge itself is V cozy with fireplaces and they have a tavern that serves American style food and local brews.

I would highly recommend MTI for future couples (especially if you’re not having an Indian food LOL). It is just a dreamy location; the staff is very friendly, and you and your guests can have an intimate weekend together.

Next up…. the OUTFITS!

West X East:

Justin’s outfit and the bridal party outfits were made by a design firm in New York and made in India. West X East were AMAZING to work with. I first put together a mood board of colors and designs that I was looking for. Over the course of the year we had many face time meetings to discuss the details.

They made us a design book complete with digital sketches of each outfits and samples of all the fabric. They gave lots of options and offered advice on everything which I loved! I am not the most technical when it comes to fabric types, so they really helped with that.

When the clothes arrived they didn’t exactly fit, but luckily there was plenty of time for alternations.

Oddly enough all the bridesmaids had extra fabric built into their outfits for alteration purposes, but my outfit did not!

I was freaking out when my outfit didn’t fit because I wasn’t sure if the alterations were going to work since there wasn’t extra fabric.  When I reached out to them about my outfit not fitting, all I got was crickets…this was super odd because they had been by my side for a year working on every detail…it was annoying to say the least. Luckily my seamstress was able to manage it and everything worked out. Besides that little hiccup the whole process was seamless. They are another vendor I would recommend.

Ruchita Dagli Designs:

Ruchita made my wedding and reception outfits. She lives in Massachusetts so were able to meet in person for design meetings and alterations.

I met her a year in advance so there was plenty of time to discuss all my wants. I knew I wanted a Sabyasachi inspired red velvet lengha for the wedding ceremony.

Although the sketches were extremely rough (like, just on a regular  notebook paper and done really quick during our first consult – I was scared lol), the outfit turned out AMAZING.

I truly wore my dream dress. I was nervous throughout the year because I didn’t feel like I had a clear understanding of what she was doing, but, she made the outfit how I had asked and gave blunt advice on what would work and what wouldn’t which I really appreciated.

My reception lengha was inspired by Payal Singhal and Falguni Shane Peacock. I had serious Frozen vibes and wanted a dupatta with feathers and a long sleeve top since it was winter.

The craftsmanship on both my outfits was INSANE. They were both made by hand and I literally can’t describe how beautiful the details were…. pictures don’t do it justice.

Again, I would recommend Ruchita to anyone!


Aashna with the former Touch of Glam Boston did my looks for the wedding and reception. She was amazing and made me look like a princess. The makeup was SO ON. I had done my trial literally one year earlier, so for her to remember all the little things I had asked for and then execute it the way we had discussed was so special. It is really nice when people like her take the time to actually care and do what a bride asks. Unfortunately I was her last bride, but I am so glad I got her!

Hair With Tip: 

Aashna introduced me to Tip, who did my hair and the bridesmaid’s hair. Again, she did the same thing as Aashna. Our trial was at the same time as the makeup trial and on the wedding day she did not miss a beat. She did 6 looks in less than 3 hours. SUCH a Rockstar. Both of my hairstyles were exactly how I wanted them.

Artistic Henna by Shweta:

My bridal henna was done by an awesome artist here in MA, Shweta. She will travel to wherever you are in the state for a small fee and has different tiers of artwork available. Everything from very simple and small, to intricate and large. I did the middle package where the henna came up almost to my elbows and then just a few feet above my ankles.

Shweta woks FAST! She did my bridal henna in about 3 hours and her work is gorgeous. What I really liked is how she worked with me on the design that I wanted. I knew I wanted traditional line work, so I showed her an example and she go right to work!

Jamilah Henna Creations:

Jamilah is based out of Connecticut and she did the work for my henna party. She was super flexible with the travel and also worked quickly and beautifully. She came with a partner who wasn’t as quick or great with designs. Luckily Jamilah made up for it, doing the artwork for over half the guests. She even stayed past her allotted time to make sure people who wanted to get it done, got it done, which I truly appreciated.

Taranaom Creations:

Taranom Creations is a one stop show for all your wedding needs. Aneesha, the owner, provided all the furniture for our wedding as well as supplemental mandap décor, as we had Meadows Edge Floral and Design doing décor as well. She also did the on-day coordination. Aneesha is priced great and she worked well with us to really understand our wants and needs for our day.

The wedding day was a little jumbled and I was frustrated that things like our horse and carriage and lunch were not done on time. DURING the wedding I was dealing with it, trying to figure out where our lunch was, what was happening to our horse and carriage. It was distracting, especially because I was in the middle of getting married….but yeah, I don’t like to think about it too much LOL – however, besides that, it was all good.

Bright and Blue Designs:

Natasha did all the signage for our wedding which I was absolutely IN LOVE WITH! She created the welcome letters, welcome sign, mendhi, vidhi, boy’s night signs.

She did our escort cards, dinner menus and ceremony guide as well! We had several meetings with her to go over our vision and she sent several samples over and we kept re-working them until we got the LOOK.

She was super easy to work with and very detailed! She incorporated tiny details into the pics like the color and motifs on my lengha and even the barn we got married in! ++ her pricing was fantastic considering everything was hand painted and drawn!

Digital DJ’s LLC:

Shannon and team were great! They were super flexible with the vibe Justin and I were going for as far as music was concerned. We wanted a lot of R&B as well as a variety of 90’s music and of course Indian! He even put up with all my family trying to requests songs all night long. 

His online portal for  music was extremely easy and his colleagues at the photo booth were so friendly and nice!

PTaufiq Photography and Videography:

Last but not least, our photographers and videographers.

What CAN’T I say about them. Pervez and his wife Nicole are truly indescribable. They have a way of putting you at ease and get along with EVERYONE + They immersed themselves into our wedding and were just like family.

They went above and beyond regular photo and video duties, even helping dress us! Pervez has a vision like no other. When we first met him Justin and I had a vision…. he let us go with that and when the pics came out we weren’t too happy. He had suggested other things and we didn’t listen. When the wedding came we listened to him ALL THE WAY. He is a visionary! If you get a chance to shoot with them TAKE IT. Their business has now gone international, so it might not be so easy to book them.

OK. I think that’s all the vendors…maybe? I hope I didn’t miss any. My mind is a mess these days.

Anyway. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out and I am happy to assist.

Love you guys,



Sweet and Masala

~ Special Thanks to my Vendors ~

Mountain Top Inn and Resort, P Taufiq Photography, Bright and Blue Designs

Ruchita Dagli Designs, Meadows Edge Floral and Design , Hair With Tip, Touch of Glam Boston, Digital Dj’s

Taranaom Creations, Jamilah Henna Creations, Artistic Henna by Shweta



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Kemi March 15, 2020 - 4:34 am

She certainly did a great job on your wedding dress because it was amazing. I love hand-made clothing because they’re so intricate. I’m sure the lodge is lovely and I hope to visit Vermont one day.

Lori Bosworth March 15, 2020 - 3:01 pm

What a fabulous wedding! It sounds like everything worked out despite the late lunch and horse and carriage.

Michael March 17, 2020 - 1:28 am

Did not knew that such weddings/occasion can have so many inking areas… hmm is it a trend in your place?

Shar March 17, 2020 - 10:57 am

How interesting! I can picture all that you wrote in your blog post. I should tell my colleague who is getting married about this.

Kristine Nicole Alessandra March 18, 2020 - 10:35 am

You have the grandest wedding ever! Everything was perfect up to the tiniest detail. You made sure this special day in your life was made very memorable for you, your spouse, family and guests.

Viano Dee March 21, 2020 - 10:46 pm

This was really a big wedding. It’s nice to know you were pleased so much that you’re recommending your vendors. Nice gesture.


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