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Live, Laugh, POOP: Digestion And The Power Of Spices

by Komal
Spices and Digestion


I don’t know about you, but after Thanksgiving and with the looming upcoming holidays I feel like I need to prep my stomach. You know, get it ready to digest all the food.

Thanksgiving did a but of number on me. First, Justin and I hosted a Friendsgiving. Then, we went to vegas to see our parents and got treated to a fantastic steak dinner on Thanksgiving day.

Not to get too TMI, but I was a little constipated after alllll the foods. If you don’t poop after eating a whole steak there is definitely something up!

You all know that I am not about popping pills and love to take care of my body homeopathically. So, naturally, I turn to spices!

I’m talking digestion and 5 spices that will help heal you from the inside out.

In Ayurveda  there are 5 spices (some we have gone over before, like here, here and here) that have been used to reset your digestive strength and efficiency.


In India, after a meal, most people consume Mukwas which is a mouth freshener and digestive aid made from fennel, coriander and sometimes cardamom seeds.

Often you will see restaurants put out bowls of Mukwas at the exit for dining patrons. The combinations of these spices do wonders for the digestive tract.

Take a look at all the benefits courtesy of Life Spa:

Increase bile flow (no need for bile salts)

Increase pancreatic enzyme activity (no need for digestive enzymes)

Increase small intestine enzyme activity (no need for digestive enzyme supplements)

Decrease gas and bloating (no need for HCl supplements)

Increase fat and sugar metabolism

Are powerful free radial scavengers

Support optimal weight

Support microbiology health (especially ginger)

Improve gut health

Support a healthy growth rate of good bacteria (especially ginger)

Decrease H. pylori from adhering to stomach

Are digestive stimulants

Quicken the transit time in the intestines – supporting better elimination

Cumin and Fennel Digestion Tea

You guys, Life Spa was FULL of awesome information like…..

Coriander Seed:

The seeds are best known for their digestive properties by cooling excess pitta in the body and intestinal tract. Therefore, it is used effectively for occasional heartburn. It is a natural carminative, which means it prevents or relieves gas from the intestinal tract, and is beneficial for numerous heat-related pitta conditions.


Cardamom is known to reduce the extreme acidity of many foods and caffeinated beverages including coffee. When cooked into your food, it reduces excess mucus, gas and bloating in the stomach and small intestine.

Cumin Seed:

Cumin is perhaps the most powerful digestive tonic of the five spices of digestion. It blends well in both taste and effectiveness with the other four spices for boosting digestion and reducing gas and bloating. It is much like coriander, in that it cools the digestive system while boosting digestive strength. It supports healthy assimilation, the proliferation of good microbes, as well as the detoxification of the intestinal tract.

Fennel Seed:

Not only does it combat gas and bloating in the digestive tract, it is one of Ayurveda’s favorite lymph movers. As a lymph mover, it supports healthy lactation and radiant skin on both the inside and outside.

Ginger Root:

In Ayurveda, ginger is called the universal spice because of its many health benefits. It is heating for the upper digestion with its pungent taste, but cooling and soothing for the lower digestion. It is the classic kindling to start the digestive fire in the stomach. Scientific studies have shown that it supports healthy microbes, a healthy intestinal wall, and acts as a digestive stimulant for nutrient assimilation.

Now you are ready to keep eating throughout the holiday season!

You’re welcome. (jokes)

A big thank you to Life Spa for all the incredible info on digestion and spices.

Now go forth and eat up! xx

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