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Tips for the Budget Travel Babe

by Komal Patel
Pauline Frommer - Tips for babes on a budget

Pauline Frommer from the Frommer’s Guide – Tips for travelling on a budget while keeping your experiences authentic

Hey guys!

Last weekend I got a chance to go to the Travel & Adventure show here in Boston.

This expo had about a zillion vendors from all over the world showing off their countries, fun experiences and lots of travel experts’ speakers!

I got to ride a camel, entered into some cool travel giveaways and got a chance to interview Pauline Frommer!!

Pauline is the ULTIMATE travel expert. Her and her family breathe travel. Pauline is with the prominent Frommer’s Guide and was so kind to give to provide some tips and tricks to babes traveling on a budget. 


  1. What country do you think gives you the best authentic experience for your budget?

You can have this problem in any country. You have to travel close to where the locals go. India is the most authentic. It is a vibrant fascinating multi-cultural and one that is light on tourist traps.

  1. What about travel inspires you the most?

I love meeting people all around the world making new friends seeing how people live. We don’t have all the answers in the USA or anywhere really and when you travel, seeing the day to day life and the different mindsets that inform them or circumstances that require different ways of solving human problems. I feel incredibly lucky to travel and witness that.

  1. What is your travel style? Luxury or laid back?

Laid back  – there is an ethical competent to how you spend money. I think it is ridiculous for a woman my size to spend money on a business class airfare (I’m 5’2). If I splurge, I would rather use the money in a way to help someone else. Chefs, and artists and culture I will support. In general, to me, what is important in a hotel is that it is well located and I can sleep there and it is reasonably clean. Very little reason to splurge unless the hotel IS the vacation.

  1. What do you suggest are the essentials to travel with?

I always have something to read because you are always delayed. I also have cords and chargers. Power is the essential. Adapters. It talks to who we are as people now with our reliance on devices.

  1. What are the trending travel spots in 2019 for a babe on a budget?

Articles on frommers.com – look at it. There has been an explosion in the number of opportunities and websites that are facilitating house sitting which is a wonderful and cheap way to travel.

Pauline Frommer - Tips for babes on a budget

  1. When traveling what do you suggest travelers do for food. Often, it’s hard to get out of a tourist trap.

Depends on where you are going. I am going to Vietnam in week and I will be eating street food. Key to not going to a tourist trap, even though it is convenient, is avoiding places that have a menu in English. That is a good sign their clientele is a tourist not the local

  1. Do you recommend staying in hotels or places like Airbnb and why?

What is cheap and will work for you. Private rooms can be very nice. Hostels are for people of all ages not just young folk.

  1. When traveling on a budget do you think it’s smart to set an agenda before you go?

Biggest mistake travelers make is not planning for their travel because you are spending all this money and you assume that someone will explain something to you about what you are seeing, and that’s because you don’t have an understanding of why they are built. People go to Asia and don’t understand what they are seeing at the temples.

It’s odd…people say they were happier before their vacation because your expectations will always be high.

Now a day’s people can bring travel into their daily lives by watching movies and reading magazines to learn about what they will experience. Becoming informed is the best way to travel.

  1. What is your number one piece of advice for someone traveling on a budget?

In the USA we are conditioned to think you need a car to get places but much of the world uses public transportation…do what the locals do, eat where they eat, go to the bars they go to. You will save money and have an authentic time.

  1. If you weren’t in the travel business what else would you be doing and why?

In the last 3 years I have had 3 friends run for office and we have been inspired by the last election to grab power and restore sense, so if I weren’t in travel I would run for office, it’s time we all step up and take responsibility for our countries.


It was such a pleasure to have Pauline on the blog and she gave A LOT of great tips for people who are looking to travel on a budget and have an authentic time.

NOW. Go book your next trip!



Sweet and Masala

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Dalene Ekirapa March 27, 2019 - 1:26 pm

I always do a lot of research about a place before actually getting there. And that will determine my kind of luggage: luxury or laid-back. But I’m always an over-packer! Ouch!


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